Are you looking for motivated and flexible employees? Then you have come to the right agency!
We are specialized in the recruitment of Dutch and Eastern European employees in various sectors such as engineering, transportation, recycling, production, logistics and the agricultural sector. We will customize our services to your business and wishes.

Due to our flexibility, short lines and expertise, our organization is able to answer the most common questions about anything to do with work and in this way to be a reliable and valued partner for you.

For the recruitment and selection of our Dutch employees we use our wide network of people. By having a good understanding of the demands from our customers, we can make the right match.

We handle the recruitment of our Eastern European employees very carefully, together with our foreign agencies. We are looking for people with a hands-on attitude who consider working in Holland a challenge. The attitude of our eastern European employees can be characterized as loyal, hard working and with a good work ethic. In our experience people who feel at home at a client will gladly return to the same client.

Besides, our team is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week available for any emergencies. Several advantages of hiring our staff are:
No expensive application, selection and recruitment procedures.
No expenses for the administration,health and safety service provider, insurance for illness and all other resulting obligations for employers.
No liability for payment of taxes and social charges due to our NEN 4400-1 certification.
Hiring staff from our organization can extend the probationary period up to 130 weeks.